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MRM– Raw Organic Maca Root Powder



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  • Product Code: MRM– Raw Organic Maca Root Powder


Maca is a plant that grows in central Peru in the high plateaus of the Andes Mountains. Also known as lepidium meyenii, maca root is member ofthe cruciferous family, like broccoli and cabbage, and is also considered a“super food”. Ithas been cultivated as a vegetable crop in this area for at least 3000 years.Maca is a relative of the radish and has an odor similar to butterscotch. Itsroot is used to make medicine.

Its for Men and Women Consumption



Maca root is a unique, complete food.It is in the samebotanical family, the brassicas, as broccoli and kale but with maca the root isconsumed, like radishes.  It shares with other brassicas a content ofglucosinolates, sulfur containing compounds with potent adaptogenic effects. Macais rich in the dietary minerals calcium and potassium (with low content ofsodium), and contains the essential trace elements iron, iodine, copper,manganese, and zinc, as well as both essential and non-essential fatty acids,and 19 amino acids.



Use 1 serving per day and mix in;




     Or evenuse it in baking!

**Contains a non-toxic moisture absorber to maintain freshness. Do not eat. Storein a cool, dark, dry place.





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